Power Chute Resistance Training Aid

This isn’t a joke?

You’d have to run against the wind. If the wind switched directions, you’d be screwed.

Just strap a cat to your sneakers. That should provide the proper amount of resistance…

You’re trying to sell me something that makes me run slower?

I’ll come back tomorrow and see if you have the opposite of this device.

Right, just like how people who jump out of airplanes have to make sure there is a strong wind blowing directly up from the ground before they jump to make sure their parachute will deploy…

my friend used one of these to jump from a airplane, it didn’t end well

I would feel really silly using one of these. On the other hand, it might be kind of fun to hold this in my hand all packed up, run really fast while making dragster sounds and then throw it back like I’m deploying it dragster style.

I actually saw someone using one of these years ago and it did look pretty silly, but the dragster analogy made me LOL! :grin:

LOL :joy: LOL
Finally a reason to keep a cat as a pet!