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Looking at the nailer in the combo deal I noticed it looked an awful lot like an 18 ga nailer I picked up at harbor freight (http://www.harborfreight.com/18-gauge-brad-nailer-68021.html). Comparing the pictures they look identical to me (other than color), which would make sense at this price point. While I don’t know that they are actually the same, I’ve gotten good results with the HF one I’ve got.

The 5-gallon air compressor, Steele Products SP-CE355TM, has the picture with sticker in big numbers says it’s 4.6 gallons.

So is it 5-gallon or 4.6-gallon?

Hmm. Good point, it does say both. I’ll let you know when you I hear back from the buyer. Thanks for letting us know!

Here’s a few points to consider about these small air compressors.

First and foremost, they have a tendency to pass more water/humidity and dirt down the air line and to your tool than the more traditional large tank compressors. The reason being just that - the small tank size and frequent cycling doesn’t allow much time for a lot of what comes in with the air to settle in the tank. If you don’t have much experience with them, you just may be surprised at how much water and dirt you will get in your tools.

Because of this, I’ve cleaned out and replaced many regulators over the years for units belonging to myself and friends. This is mostly due to the dirt and crud that collects in the regulator body and caused the internal gasket to leak. If you are lucky, simply disassembling and cleaning out the regulator will fix the problem (temporarily), but if you are not lucky then replacing the regulator is not uncommon.

My preferred solution is to install an inexpensive filter/water separator in-line before the regulator, that way the regulator stays clean and dry and will last a lot longer.

Fortunately, small regulators and filter separators are quite inexpensive at HFreight, but they are generic. Looking at the pictures of a few of these units here and I can’t tell if these have a generic replaceable regulator or a proprietary one. Neither can I tell if there is room to install the filter separator before the regulator or if you have to place it after. If you install it after the regulator, your tools will be protected but your regulator will not be and the problem remains.

I tend to not recommend units where the regulator is mounted in a panel, because that severely limits your ability of installing a filter separator before the regulator due to space.

And finally, since small compressors cycle more frequently they tend to run pretty hot. With the added heat and frequent stops-and-starts I generally recommend getting an oil lubricated compressor instead of an oil-less unit for maintenance and longevity. Oil units also tend to be slightly quieter, but all small compressors are fairly loud so the difference may not be significant.

Hope this helps.

It doesn’t say anything about the nailer. Is it a Bradley nailer? What is the max size nail it will take?