Power Practical Pronto 5 - Fast Charge Battery Pack

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Power Practical Pronto 5 - Fast Charge Battery Pack
Price: $29.99
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4500mAh capacity = so-so…

Description states 2-3 charges and picture states 1-2. Which is correct? 1-3 is quite a swing as it relates to usability…

Thanks for looking this up (saved me the trouble of doing the same).

You’d think they’d have thought to include the most important specification in the product description.

I could not find mAh rating. If 4500 is correct it may charge a 3000MA battery once if you are lucky. AND how on earth could they leave off the ONLY spec that really matters for this device? My guess is they hope some dupe buys this who would not otherwise if they were up front and honest.

$30 for 4500mah seems like a crazy rip to me. I got this one a couple months ago and have had zero issues with it (and the kid uses it a LOT for pokemon hunting)…


Seriously - a device that size with only 4500mAh? Not worth it. You can get an 5200mAh Ankur charger from Amazon for $15… And it’s a LOT smaller.