Power Pro 4,050-Watt Gas Generator w/ Wheel Kit

Four perfect reviews over at homedepot.com

Just as well I can’t buy one being in California. I would not go near this thing. Aside from the bad reviews I found, it puts out 67 DB at 23 feet. All you need to know is that your neighbors are going to complain - unless you live in the boonies!

Some more info and reviews at Amazon.

A closeup of the outlet panel …


… reveals a limitation, however - 120v outlets only.

In any case, if you’re intending to power your house through an outage, DO IT RIGHT through a transfer switch.

An important spec is missing for something that consumes fuel. Tank capacity.

3 gallons.

The brand of the motor would be nice as well.

Looks like a (mislabeled) round 240V outlet to me on the right, or is that some strange 120V outlet?

Folks, this is not a 240 volt generator!

That is a 120V RV outlet and this unit comes with the plug.

Nope. It’s a NEMA L5-30 outlet.

120 Volt, 30 amps

Complain? Every time an ice storm knocks out power here, anyone who hears a generator goes looking for a 200’ extension cord. “Hey buddy, you got an open outlet on that thing?” :slight_smile:



The brand motor is the same motor found on ALL Chinese clones…it’s usually a reverse engineered Honda engine. Honda could certainly sue them for pirating their design, but doing so would be almost fruitless when you consider the time and huge expense of such an endeavor.

67dB’s is not too bad for this size generator…it’s about normal. If you find the noise too high, you could always add a larger muffler to quiet it down. Very easy to do and not too expensive.

These things are a waste of money. The important thing when buying a generator is being able to get repair work for them. Most repair facilities do not work on these Chinese junk.

Considering that a weaker 3000w Honda “quiet” generator produces 65 db at the same distance, and right at 10% the price, I would say that this is a steal.

I have decided to treat my wife and I to an awesome 238th Marine Corps Birthday. I’m in for one!

You are SO WRONG as was I! I own 2 generators and buying them was my wife’s idea…not mine. Nevertheless, at my wife’s insistence, we owned a 16hp generator and a small 2hp generator when Sandy came blowing in almost exactly one year ago (I live in NJ). Those generators, particularly the large one, was the ONLY thing that kept our family from total insanity, as our power was interrupted for 8 days. The generator gave us all the comforts of home during the outage, heat, light, TV and computers, hot water and all those little things.

If these generators did for you what mine did for me, you would not call them Chinese junk. Besides, some of the “American made” generators are really made in China but only sport a higher price because they make you think that the machine is made here in America.

Finally, if you maintain these machines properly, they will last longer than the hair on your head lasts.

You are correct. As long as you are powering the fridge and some lite bulbs you will be fine. It’s dirty power - doesn’t like electronics.