Power Sentry 5 Outlet PowerSquid – 2 Pack

what do these go for in the stores?

This looks great! it will be nice for all of those things that need to plug in in the same outlet!

Waiting for the Monster Cable version. Now that will be high quality stuff!

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I got these last time they were on and love them. In for a couple of more.

In for three. These are always handy. They go for about $15 a piece I think.

70/100 on alatest…

5 stars on Buzzillions…

These always sell out and I’m glad I’m up for this. In for 3, thanks!

In for 3 (6). Christmas is coming, y’all.

These are great for these pesky power bricks.

Snagged - I hate my 1980’s, “can slay a man” power strip.


almost 50% off here on woot/ and that is for one.

bought 3

ROFL great write up on this one!!!

no, this is simillar


Got one of these in the past and love it!! You won’t be sorry!!

I have several. As long as your realize that they have cheap power switches (so don’t plan on using one and turning it off and on a lot) and are made in China, and are not surge protectors, they are a decent deal. Handy for the shop, or for adding a bunch of peripherals to a surge protector.

Thank you Lord. I can now sleep soundly tonight knowing that 6 squids are coming way way to make my life easier. Bless you, Woot! Bless us all!

i ran into a friend this weekend who was complaining about this power strip. he had power cycling issues with his laptop only when using this strip. maybe his was bad? it’s worth doing more research before purchasing, for sure.

same deal on woot on JANUARY 15TH, 2008 you’d think the would be a little cheaper almost a year later