Power Sentry 5 Outlet PowerSquid



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Power Sentry 5 Outlet PowerSquid
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Power Sentry 5 Outlet PowerSquid 100631

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[Froogly Doogly](http://www.google.com/products?q=Power Sentry 5 Outlet PowerSquid)


I’m in for one…not bad, who can’t use this kind of stuff? :slight_smile:


looks cool… which there was just like 1 of them for like 10 bucks :-/ i’m too cheap for 2 at like13 bucks or whatever


Omg! I’ve been wanting these for a month now. Now I can buy some! In for three. Thank you, Woot.


Not bad, i may pick these up.
always useful


I’ve been using one of these for a year and a half and I heartily recommend it. It’s like a regular power strip, but usefuller!


Power Squid! Where’s the power octopus/fish and other marine animals?


Do not need… but I want a few anyway. Just gotta figure out the gift/use/shipping sweet spot.


I might just have to pick this up. I don’t currently have a need for this, but who knows when it could come in handy.


Cool. I love these things. Got one… or two, whatever. <3


First Sucker to boot
in for 3 Woot


Around the price for two dollar store surge protectors (Odds are wouldn’t plug in anything I want).


Choice I’ve been needing some squids for when I travel on business! These are great for those prime locations in the airport!


i have this all over the place, and its really useful for components that don’t need special attention…like my shaver, phone charger, ds and psp chargers, power block for my speakers etc. you get the point. better than a strip if you have oversized plugs


So - I get the squid part, but is it a surge protector? — It would be nice to break from the traditional power stip where you can never fit all the block plugs into where they need to go…


if it wasn’t 14 guage and didn’t have a circuit breaker I’d be in for this


So it is like an extension cord and a power strip combined. Doesn’t offer surge protection does it?