Power Sentry Home Theater Surge Protector, Line Conditioner and UPS

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Power Sentry Home Theater Surge Protector, Line Conditioner and UPS
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips Power Sentry Theatre Director Advanced Battery Backup with Surge Protection S10423000201/17

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THis is not a bad deal when it saves your HDTV.

i have one. (like this)

never seen this on woot before.???

just make sure your not overloading the thing!!!@!!!

What’s the real backup time for this on a standard 32" LCD TV?

Will the ups work to use with a computer?

What is a Type H power conditioner?

Wow, just $5 shipping for this monster? :slight_smile:

Note that the rating is good for just about any LCD/DLP/Plasma. But you don’t want to use it on a large CRT (rear projector hd unit) if you have other devices such as a stereo. Not quite big enough.

Woot… Woot… a 4 in 1!

Line conditioner/UPS? Fantastic. I really needed the one i had similar to this when i was in florida. Constant lightning strikes are not good for electronics. Nice one woot!

anyone know where I can find some good info/comparisons on this product? I need one of these badly


I could use a UPS for my home PC but this looks like overkills for that.

wow. this is totally random. Good luck finding reviews on this. Hopefully i’ll be able to round up some CSE prices to compare, but it’s not lookin’ good so far. What a random product. Me likey.

Great for DLPs, projectors, and RP LCD’s…don’t want that bulb to pop in a power outage when the fan shuts off.

How many VA is this guy? Costco has a 1000VA tripp lite home theater UPS for a hundred bucks.

>Backup Time: 9min @ 50% load<
and 50% load would be??? no way of knowing seeing hoe 100% load isn’t listed!

Weird. This isn’t even on Power Sentry’s own website…

Replaceable batteries?

What only one? Is this discontinued?

Close to $180 @ WalMart http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=8204510&sourceid=1500000000000003142050&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=8204510 the only other place i can find apart from above froogle

was on woot back in november, some good some bad said about it. I know they said the tech support was non-existant. Basically, MFG was bought out and it never went anywhere. Also iirc some were DOA. It was also ~130 versus ~90 now.

At least its $40 cheaper than when woot had this last Nov.