Power Surprise!


Reviews please!

The AR 6 outlet Ecoficient power strip works well. Powers off my display bias lighting and subwoofer w/in a few minutes of shutting down the AVR. Saves about 20 watts between the two.

The Targus laptop charger also works well with my Dell Duo, Alienware M11 and Nexus 7, although the Dell adapter tip is a bit loose. Nice backup to keep in your briefcase/backpack to avoid ever forgetting a power supply.

What is the output voltage of the Targus APD80US Mobile Laptop Charger?

Would be nice if it supplies 19v-20v for A Lenovo Laptop, but from the size it appears to be, I would guess its max voltage out is 12Vdc.

Looks like you should be OK up to 24v judging from the specs listed on Geeks.com

…of course, it would have been nice if TARGUS had listed the specs on their own website… but that’s a rant for another day!

The powerXtender charger is about 40% cheaper in the iGo webpage itself, with lower shipping cost (3 USD) … true it is that it only includes ONE tip for free… but then again, you can buy two powerxtender, each with one tip for free, for the same price of this woot, considering shipping. Perhaps this post is out of line, but then again I am surprised that the brand itself sells this thing with shipping, at a lower price, I assumed always that woot price was kind of a “bottomline” :frowning: but it seems it is not: http://www.igo.com/powerxtender-charger/invt/ps002640004#moreinfo