Power Time!

Hmm… not seeing the amperage rating for the Philips SPP8038B 3-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports. 2.1?

Philips just doesn’t give good info on their surge protectors and we don’t have a sample.

Here’s the manual.

It’s not much help though.

I was also going to ask about the spec. that’s most important to me about the Phillips, the joules rating. But, I guess that’s a mute point now.

1 outlet becomes 3 outlets +2usb w/ surge protector

No battery backup units?

I’m confused - $20 + $5 shipping just to replace my power brick?

Looks nearly identical to this one, which lists the total USB output as 2.1 amps.

Really, Woot? You’re messing up accept/except now?

Just seeing who’s paying attention. It took two days to be noticed. I’ll add that to our data. :tongue:

So, we can’t hear it?