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what’s the usb output for the Philips SPP1028A

It says:
Free Tip Program
9 Laptop Tips are included with your mCube Slim 95 to match your laptops. If none of the standard tips fit your laptop, simply inform Innergie via email and they will arrange for a FREE compatible tip to be sent to you (shipping and handling fee may apply)

Do you have tips that are compatible with Apple Macbooks, MBP, and the Air for purchase?

We don’t but you can look at the Innergie Adapter & Tip Finder to see what they offer.

As best as we can figure out, one is 1A and the other is 2.1A

Does anyone know of a good external battery that can be used for various devices and/or elec. plugs, approx. 700-1000 Wh capacity, preferably not lead-acid, recharges reasonably quick, like 7 hours instead of 35 on a/c? Already tried Duracell Powerpack 600 and it was junk! We need it to power a medical device daily. If you see something, please let me know. Thanks much.

Just bought 2 of the “Philips SPP1028A 3-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports” weeks ago from WOOT. The top 2 ports I needed the most…waited to purchase these for months and finally “pulled the plug” so to speak… Those 2 ports are DEAD. Tried everything. Now it’s just a multi plug as that part works. ugh :frowning:

That’s a bummer, I’m sorry for your experience. I took a look at the item, it looks like it has a 1 year Phillips warranty. Have you contacted them yet? You can always reach out to Woot Member Services for additional help, too. support@woot.com

Unu 11000mah enerpak 44.99 from Newegg, free shipping = same net as woot. Unu 5000mah enerpak 29.99 from Newegg with free shipping, $5 better.

so are any of these worth it? are these good deals/decent products?

It doesn’t say anything on their site about what tips they offer. You must buy and register their product to get information about their “free tip” program.

bought the Igo charger for $5.99 a few days ago. Now it’s $4.99. At least have the decency to wait until the last batch is all delivered before lowering the price. I haven’t even gotten mine yet!

You can definitely email Woot Member Services to see if they can help. Be sure to include your user name and order ID for quicker service. support@woot.com