Powerbag 16" 3000mAh Charging Backpack



Got one!

I swear I was " " this close

Nice. Finally one that was not ambiguous.

That’s awesome, once again, I was too slow.

Anyone have any woot trackers working right now? I’ve tried 3 and none of them are working.

Not correct order of operations.

darn it! missed it again. http://www.woot.com//offers/667b4ee2a4adcd7acb1dfded216000

EDIT: I hate when I somehow double post.

UGH!!! Got in in the cart but it sold out before I could buy it. :frowning:


What’s going on here?

Look, we really wanted your mon… uh, to sell you that awesome thing, but here’s the deal: we ran out. We waited to see if anyone else would drop the ball so we could swoop in and take their stuff and give it to you, but not this time. We have other, probably even more awesome things you can buy, though. Maybe don’t wait so long to snap those up."

REALLY…again… Should i just give up, this is the 5th time I had it in my cart, went to check out and got NADA

My Wootalyzer hasn’t worked for a couple hours now.

First one in the 4 years I have been here, hope it is something good!

Stupid Woot, that’s not how you math! It’s supposed to be 3375 >_<

That’s the worst. You are so close and they rip it away. :frowning:

Dammit Woot, get your parenthesis right.

http://www.woot.com/216000/offers/667b4ee2a4adcd7acb1dfded should have worked but its an empty page?

Yeah exactly…im sitting here typing in that number wondering if I screwed up the URL again…fml

calculator…Y yu no math incorrectly?!

I wonder what the TSA thinks about this backpack.

Probably not, but it’s fun to hope so until you get it. I have only gotten one. It had a set of speakers that look like were actually taken from someone’s desk. A brock Lessner WWE card, a TV guide with Brock Lessner on it, a weird laptop bag (probably stolen), and a five pound gummy bear. I think one of the brock lessner items had an autograph. It’s around somewhere. The gummy bear was probably stolen from the person who owned the speakers.

I deleted all the shortcuts I had for them, since none of them worked anymore.