Powerbag Charging Bags

I got one of these in a previous woot. The bag itself was nothing to write home about. The build quality was fine, but the small pouches were too small and inconveniently placed.

The charging system, on the other hand, is great. It’s easy to use and has plenty of juice. Because the cables are built into it, and because it’s built in to the bag, you don’t have to remember to have anything with you to be ready to charge.

I ended up cutting the electronics out of it and installing it in a Timbuk2 bag, and it’s been great. All told, I think it was worth what I paid for it even though I ended up not using the bag part.

What material is the bag made out of?

Hmmm… a backpack with a built-in powerpack and wiring…

I’m just wondering, but has anyone tried traveling with one of these???

I have one of the 600 backpacks and got my son a 300 Messenger bag. I’m tempted to get another 600 backpack. The charging and always having the cables you need is wonderful. And yes, I have traveled with it.

Woot! So disappointed! The Ghostbusters did not have a wagon, it was a hearse.

This WILL be a pain in airports, federal buildings, and courthouses where bags are x-rayed. I am speaking from experience, the battery pack and cabling will undergo a good deal of extra scrutiny.

Figured as much, but I guess as long as you’re prepared to deal with that it’s probably manageable. I’m eyeing these for my husband to commute with. Extra battery life can make a big difference on a long day.

I had a completely different experience with this bag. I have the messenger bag version, and I have traveled within the US and internationally and I have never been given a hard time at all. Now I haven’t gone to any courthouses or federal buildings, so I can’t speak to that. I will be travelling this weekend so we will see if I have any issues.

Travelled with mine to/from ATL/Chicago this past March. No extra scrutiny.

It was an old ambulance, right?

Yep. I had the pleasure of seeing The original Ecto-1 last november in the steel. I have picture proof. The restoration team did a helluva job getting it back into touring shape.

What are the thoughts on battery life of a slightly older model. These would have been manufactured more than an year or two ago, right?

Traveled to Europe several times with it, never had a problem at US or European checkpoints.

I bought one of these last time. The quick-release clip broke the first day (contacted costumer service and after 4 emails, I was told to contact them by phone as it would be easier to help me out, but was never able to speak to anyone, so I just gave up). It is also a really heavy bag and rather uncomfortable to carry on the side. And yesterday, I was caught under the rain and I learned the hard way that this bag is not made out of water resistant materials! All my papers got drenched and fortunately, I was only carrying my iPad and not my computer as I am sure there would have been some serious water damage. Maybe it is worth for just the battery, but I don’t find it all that great of a bag.

I bought a 16000mAh battery for $60 and keep it in my $20 bag.

I am wondering is you can use some water-proof spray like you can get for shoes.

I bought one the last time they were for sale and have traveled to CA, NV, FL, CT without any issues at all.

I used this for frequent travel for about a year (before the bag fell apart because it is sh*t). I never once had a problem with airport security. It’s no different that having a backup batter in your bag. There are lots of reasons not to buy this bag, but I don’t feel that extra scrutiny at the airport is one of them.

I would caution anybody thinking about buying this to think twice. Given the cost of a similar battery, how much do you think the bag itself is worth? Very little, and it shows.

I loved this bag when I got it. I agree that the charging system is unique and terrifically helpful. But after less than a year of travel, my bag was falling apart, tearing at the seams, and none of the charging components worked any longer unless plugged directly into the AUX USB port. That is to say, even the battery component failed to hold up.

At this price, it’s not even good idea to buy it for the battery alone. For $50-60 or so you can get an Anker Astro Pro, which is a very high-quality battery and much more capable than anything you will get with this gimmicky bag.

Save yourself a lot of frustration. Buy a quality backup battery and put it in a good bag.