Powerbag Charging Bags

Well this is very disappointing. I was waiting the entire wootoff yesterday for a black powerbag backpack since they are normally always 35 bucks.

Now, the next day there is a Woot+ for them and of course the black powerbag backpack is 15 dollars more.

Why exactly is the red backpack of the same model $35 while the one that people are more likely to buy is $50

Im sorry woot but Im not going to pay $15 more for a bag you have the same model for $35 right next to it. Especially when above it there is a 6000mAh model for the same cost of the black backpack with half of the battery power for the same. Lost a sale.

I love my Powerbag! I just wish I could find additional/replacement batteries to go with it. IMO you should get one of the 6000 mAh or bigger bags, especially if you have a tablet that you intend to use with them.

I’ve used the red backpack and a silver messenger bag (which is not available on this sale). Probably the most impressive thing about them is how nice they are as simply a backpack or laptop case, ignoring that they have a battery. The materials and build quality on both were very nice!

I have the Power Messenger bag with 3000mAH. The bag is nice, the battery is nice… the power OUTPUT sucks.

The Micro and Mini USB output is only 800mA COMBINED.

Most phone nowadays, like my 1.5 years old Galaxy Note 1 requires 1A. Heck, my Galaxy S4 Active need 2A (the power that came with the phone has 2A output).

So if you charge the phone on the go, it will take at least twice as long.

The only way to get more than 1A is to connect a USB cable directly to the battery, but it is located INSIDE the bag, near the bottom that it is incredibly difficult to connect.

Woot, are you going to have another sale on the power bags?

they pop up pretty frequently.
keep your eyes peeled!