Powerbag Charging Bags

Bought one the last time Woot had it listed. LOVE IT! I get 3-4 charges off the 6000mAh pack. I use it mainly at work and some shorter trips. Great to have a backup when you don’t have a charger available.

The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is the 2 belt-type clips that hold the flap shut. They are on the inside/underside of the flap. So, to buckle it, you have to invert the male end and reach under the flap to click w/ the female clip.

The clips hold tight and work well, just a little awkward to close at some angles.

I carry my 7in tablet in the main pouch (there’s a nice padded section) and I use the laptop department to hold my files/paperwork.

Please woot, please sell the batteries and hopefully the wall chargers separately sometime.

Does anyone know the life of the batteries - how many charges?

Need to know if it will 17" lap top computer?

I get the impression the batteries simply aren’t available anymore. I am going to buy a 6000 mAh bag just to get a bigger battery to stick in my messenger bag. Cheaper to buy the new bag than retail price on the impossible-to-find battery anyway.

I will say that the messenger I have is just marvelous. I have never had such a nice bag, regardless of whether or not it included a battery.

You want to sell that extra messenger bag to me? :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for one, and I actually already have a battery that I could make work in a Powerbag…