Powerbag Charging Bags

This bag would be awesome on business trips… but I’m worried about taking something like this on a plane and going through security. Has anyone had an issue with that?

I got the messenger bag the last time woot had it on sale. It works great. Charges my Motorola bionic and other electronics without issue. My 17 inch Lenovo ThinkPad fits in the laptop pocket. The bag was larger and of higher quality than I expected.

looking forward! down for the messenger.

I have another version of these bags and have gone through security many times and have never had any problems. I’m thinking of getting the wheeled one. They are very good quality. You can use the bag as a charger for multiple devices when it is plugged in.

I picked up one of these bags last time they were on sale. It is well made and has tons of room and lots of pockets. I am very happy with mine. The only small annoyance is that the handle is integrated into the opening flap so you have to have the bag clipped closed to carry it. The clips are in an ackward position which makes it a little difficult to open/close but also makes it alot harder for someone to open it that shouldn’t be opening it. I used the bag to charge a friends phone the other day for the first time and it worked great.

I got both my sons the powerbag backpacks and they love them.

I’m in for one of these bags for myself.

I hope Woot didn’t sellout of the Powerbag backpacks!! I wanted one of those. I got the briefcase version of this and it’s my bag of choice when traveling because its TSA friendly. Woot…where’s the backpacks?

Beside my leak frog, this is the single best item I have ever purchased from Woot. If you don’t have one, get it. You will not regret it. You only need to use it once to know how great these things are.