Powerbag Messenger 6000mAh Charging Bag

**Item: **Powerbag Messenger 6000mAh Charging Bag
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Is woot! moving away from 1 item/day?

More views, and a video, at the Product Page
4 star reviews on Amazon

I have one of these, got it for the same price from another site.

The battery is nice, but isnt huge. The bag itself though is quite big with not much actual space. There is one pocket where the bottom is just held together with Velcro, weird pocket i wouldnt want to put anything in there.

The bag itself is actually quite heavy with nothing in it because of the battery.

Good price though here

Woot has previously sometimes put up a second item when the day’s item sells out quickly. As does Amazon on their daily deal.

The extra weight is a concern. I find that I’m not really carrying it around as much as I thought I would. And this is with just a book, my iPad and Kindle. Not even a laptop yet. But this thing will easily carry all of that plus a decent sized laptop.

I’m not sure it can hold a 17" laptop if the largest pocket dimension is 15.5"?

Not to worry, 15.5" is the distance straight across the laptop. 17" is the diagonal measure of a laptop screen. It’ll definitely hold a 17" laptop.

Sorry - have to pop in to voice my opposition to more than one deal per day. If something sells out too quickly, it wasn’t a good item for the day, probably better for a Woot-Off.

In my world, a tiger still can’t change his stripes.

I agree I have been wooting for a long time, I don’t like this new thing but also I don’t agree with waiting for stuff that sells out quickly for wootoffs I remember waking up to see that leakfrogs sold out in minutes

But remember - this is Woot! To make the metaphor applicable, you have to re-word it, since “In Woot! world, a stripe CAN change a tiger.”

What the hell I’m in for 40 bucks.

Need a basic bag for some upcoming business trips… all I ever carry is laptop+phone+tablet.

Does anyone know if this will fit a 17.3" ASUS ROG laptop? And would the extra weight be killer?

Item Dimensions L x W x H 22.70 x 14.60 x 3.80 inches

I’m guessing nope.

this is woot’s birthday week, cut them SOME slack.

Bought one of these a few months ago hoping for it to become an every day work bag for me. It does hold a laptop, phone, kindle, and a few other smaller things well, but there isn’t a ton of extra space. I honestly had trouble fitting a container with my lunch in, and that was just with a tablet and kindle- no laptop. It really is noticeably heavy, too.

It’s a handy bag, but not without its flaws.

I start med school in 2 weeks… they’re giving us iPads (BLAH!), but this should come in handy. In for one!

Do you remember the other site you got it from? I have been wanting one of these and of course the one day i dont check woot it comes on at a great deal!! Would like to pick one up

I actually just got this in today, and I like it a bunch so far.

My 17" Samsung notebook will definitely not fit in the padded laptop pocket, but fits just fine in the larger interior pocket. I can pretty easily carry my phone, laptop, and iPad with a few extras.

Construction seems really solid, but I do worry about breaking or losing the charger to the battery.