Powerbag Messenger 6000mAh Charging Bag

**Item: **Powerbag Messenger 6000mAh Charging Bag
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looks great.

Agreed. Though I might have to buy one of those nifty devices it works with to make it fully pay off. Then again, I could just use it as a bag for now and hope that the Great Pumpkin gives me a suitable electronic gizmo in a couple weeks.

The one I bought just a few weeks ago that is the same manufacturers part number was not the check point friendly model. In the picture of this one, it doesn’t look like this one is either.

Actually it probably is, but there are so many zippers and flaps its hard to tell. Haven’t taken mine flying, but tag did say checkpoint friendly and after looking it over quite a few times I finally determined how they use it that way.

I plan to take the laptop out anyway, but pretty sure you can flip it around enough to separate that compartment.


Ok, since it was on the floor next to me: The zipper that goes around the entire middle, undo that and the back flap becomes checkpoint suitable. Doesn’t help if laptop is in the main compartment, but for smaller laptops it should work.

Love the bag btw - tons and tons of pockets.

I’m still waiting for another shot at a water proof speaker.

I’ve received mine from this sale. Will update with a few thoughts once I’ve had a few days to use it. :slight_smile:

alrighty. Had it a few days now, have some thoughts.

I love the number of pockets in this bag. lots of variously-sized places for lots of items. I do, however, missed the zippered internal pocket; loose change tends to fall out of open pockets and scatters over the inside of the bag.

There is an internal pocket with a velcro strap over it that is perfect for an iPad or Android Tablet. It’s also perfectly sized for my Macbook Air 11". The velcro strap is a bit too short so I went to a local fabric store, bought 4" of double-sided velcro for seventy-three cents, and the Macbook’s cozy and safe inside more padding than it would have gotten in the dedicated “computer pocket”.

The dedicated computer pocket is lined with soft micro-fiber’ish material, and has decent padding to protect against gentle bumps and jostles. The bottom of the bag unzips so that the dedicated pocket can lay flat to be “TSA checkpoint approved” (i.e. lay flat to go through the x-ray without taking the computer out of the bag). I’ve not traveled with this bag yet (will be heading to Amman, Jordan in the spring, so hope it works okay. And I don’t get a cranky TSA agent), but I don’t see it having any issues. Unless you DO get a cranky TSA agent…

The 6000 mAh battery charges fully within about 4-5 hours. The fully-charged battery is enough to recharge my completely drained iPad from “doorstop” to 37%. It’s enough to get more time out of the iPad, but I wouldn’t count on it for more than an emergency for tablets. It does recharge my phone about 3 1/2 times before the battery pack is drained. This is very useful. There’s a small button on the front of the bag that you press quickly to see the current charge level of the battery, or you can hold it down for two seconds to toggle the battery on/off. The battery will turn itself off if there isn’t any current being drawn for 30 minutes, which helps prolong the usefulness between charging.

You can charge the battery either by removing the battery and plugging in the AC adaptor (switching adaptor, so it’s travel-safe) to the bottom of it as a single LED illuminates to show you it is charging. Or, if you’d prefer, you can “charge the bag” by leaving the battery in it’s sewn-in docking cradle and plugging the AC adaptor into a port port on the side of the bag, which is covered by a protective flap as well as a rubber plug. a small string of LEDs will light up to indicate charging progress.

The bag’s shoulder straps are non-removable, which is irritating as I’d like to put on a different shoulder pad, but not a deal breaker. The buckles that hold down the front flap are actually “upside down and backwards” on the inside of the flap. This lends the bag a sleek look without the tension buckles showing, but makes opening and closing the bag awkward.

Overall, I find I like the bag and particularly like that I can fit the Macbook into the interior pocket for extra padding. The plethora of pockets is a bonus, to me, and I like that there are various sizes as well as several with and without extra microfiber lining and padding. It’s become my everyday bag for the trudge back and forth to the office (all 300 yards of it). :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!