Powerbag Rolling Case w/ 6000mAh Battery

So, how many days worth of clothes could I pack into this thing? 'cause I’m thisclose to pulling the trigger for a trip I have coming up in September.

A handful of pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Check out this overview on the Powerbags over at 9to5mac.com

Here’s some good reviews from Amazon

Lets watch how the Powerbag is used [youtube=kT94Ovn7tIE][/youtube]

additional info and pictures can be found over at mypowerbag.com

So sweet if you are always, every day, charged (heh) with carrying an iArsenal. When you finally retire it, bruised but unbroken like the warrior it was, it will be snagged up at your garage sale for $1 by some kid, who will lovingly re-wire it into a portable 3-D printer system or something and think you were cool.

If not, your nice 6Ah battery is woven into a (roughly) 6 pound square foot of bulky fabric; and when you finally put it out at YOUR garage sale for $10 without a scuff mark on it you’ll feel like a tool who never lived up to their own expectations; or worse, some sort of post-industrial yuppie scum with money to blow on luggage just because. Either way, if your road warrior days are over, here’s a 10Ah one for 37 bucks to throw in whatever you’re carrying:


quickly, same price realistically $65 a few weeks ago at a plus sale ($64.99 tonight)


but no comments on this particular bag.

Will this fit under the seat on a plane or does this have to go into the overhead? No deal for me if I have to put it in overhead.


tl;dr: Yes. It will fit.