why arent they just rated in Ah?

yea Id like to know if the usb has enough power to charge a laptop as they mention a specific place to lay a laptop flat but doesn’t mention anything else it’d be nice to hear from someone that has owned won before.

These bags will not charge a laptop. The part they mention to putt the laptop is a specific padded area that has added protection for it, like all other bags that have specific area’s for a laptop.

I got one of the messenger bags last time they were offered and I love it. I’m going to get a deluxe backpack my college bound son. I use the power features all the time. Plus it is a good quality bag.

Hi woot!, Would it be possible to offer spare batteries as a side sale, especially the 6000 battery, or if possible, the 9000 please. I need spares for mine :slight_smile:

Also, purdy please, the wall charger for the back pack, I’m weary of only having one.

For those that are wondering what the packs can charge, here’s a somewhat blurry picture of the power tag on my bag.


That’s enough to make me really consider getting it.