PowerBalance Wristbands...again

Thunderson and I are huge Survivor fans. Are you?

If so, did you know that Michael Skupin wore a Power Bracelet in the latest season of Survivor Philippines? Take a look:

You might remember that Mike was evacuated from Survivor: The Australian Outback when he burned his hands after passing out into the camp fire.

He returned this season with the addition of a special bracelet. Let’s see how much balance this bracelet brought Mike:


Buy these. They’ll make you perform better. If you believe that, and are wearing one if you come interview at my co, I can cut the interview short, so as not to waste time.

If you really, really, really want one of these. I have a deal for you! This is an Xmas special ONLY. Free Shipping! No handling charges! Just go to the front door of your house/apartment/cave/bomb shelter and open door/large stone/hatch and throw $5 out into your yard/street/field/abandoned missile silo. You will end up with the same results to your ‘being’ that the “PowerBalance” will give you and you get it NOW! No waiting. It could be yours today. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Act now - this offer expires soon. Don’t be the last on your block to get in on this deal - Be the 1st.

Mall kiosk salespeople LOVE PowerBalance bracelets. Any time they see a customer wearing one they know they can sell them ANYTHING.

Next time woot has a Bag O’ Crap on sale, I think I’m going to skip purchasing because the chances of getting like, 10 of these things is WAY too high

The wristbands, they do nothing!

Okay, sorry for the mixed metaphor.

I just want to say, as one of the prior angry posters, I appreciate that Woot has taken a less defensive tone and acknowledged the craptastic ripoff nature of this non-product.

I wish you weren’t still selling them, but I can live with you acknowledging the lousy decision you made to buy them.


Thank you for this.

Scam scam scam

Too bad he didn’t realize that he needed one on his left side as well to balance things out.

kudos to the write-off for this promo…i can sense your pain. i was one of those that posted very angrily the previous time these came on.

but now it’s obvious to me just how much you guys don’t even wanna market these with your name tagged and associated with them. but your powers that be just have to get these…gone.

i feel for you, editors and mods in charge of marketing these rubber bands…merry christmas and may your next promo be less soul-crushing.

Ah, I remember these! Unfortunately, you’re pretty screwed without all 8 power ups. You’ll need them to beat Sigma.

For those who haven’t heard the story:

The NBA signed an endorsement agreement with these scam artists. Mark Cuban, who had previously discredited the ‘Negative Ion’ crap on Shark Tank, would have none of it:


Power Balance was also sued to the tuned of 57 million dollars which caused Power Balance to basically admit their product is a scam.

Funny, it says size is fully customizable, but I find only one size, & that’s extra large. Is there any way to change the size?

I’m concerned that your inquiry stems from a genuine desire to purchase, own, and wear a set of these. Please re-think your options here.

Also, while Woot’s acknowledgement that this crap is crap brings enjoyment to my life, it’s offset by my keen awareness that sellout.woot will be carrying these through at least August.

I just think they’re neat regardless of the “special performance enhancement” claims, & for $11 (with shipping) who cares anyway? So, back to my original post, is there any way to change the size?

Is the buyer responsible for this debacle still working? :wink:

And out of curiosity, what’s the roi on power balance so far for woot?

OOhh!! They have one in camo! I hear they make you a better hunter. Your aim is steadier, vision is sharper, and it masks your scent so the deer can’t smell you if you’re upwind. Sounds more like a “Perk” from Call of Duty…

Noticed my pet Unicorn was walking with a limp yesterday. It’s a bear trying to find a vet that will even treat a unicorn, so this XL Power Balance will save me some $$$. Also have a Yeti with a birthday coming up, so I’m in for two. Thanks Woot!