Powerball or Megamillions?

Powerball or Megamillions?

Does it matter?? Millions are millions!! GIVE ME ALL THE $$$$$$$$$$$

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Both are a poor tax. No thanks.


Won’t be picky

Yes please.

Loser. :persevere:

Eh. If you wanna spend money on it, it doesn’t matter much. I’d rather buy a buck scratchoff ticket because I like scratching them off-- at least I get that pleasure for the dollar.


How about “Neither” as an option?


I seem to be in a minority here as far as buying lottery tickets at all, but I like MegaMillions.

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Oh, you’re free to do as you please! Nobody cares-- it’s just preference. :smiley:

Yeah, neither, they’re both scams.

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I don’t waste my money on those… I waste it on Woot! :money_with_wings:


And then I find it really wasn’t a waste as I unpack some odd little thing I really have wanted and share the rest with family/friends/Goodwill.

The true odds that it’s 50/50. You either win or you lose. And you get closer to winning if you buy a ticket.

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M&M’s over PB.

I like them both but powerball is my ultimate!!!

Either !

Neither one. It’s very rare that I’ll even buy a scratch-it thing.

You’ve got to love the people calling it a poor tax or saying neither. Hypocrites on a high horse. They would be in the streets dancing if they won.

Mega millions but it wouldn’t matter I would take a PB win.

Why is it hypocritical to say I don’t play either one? I don’t. I never have. It’s a personal choice. I don’t criticize those who do play them, I just choose not to do it myself. Besides, not everyone has the extra cash to play them.