Powerbeats3 - Neighborhood Collection

Powerbeats3 - Neighborhood Collection

I purchased the Powerbeats3 offered on 7/26. Received the Powerbeats 3 in just a few days. Downloaded the Beats Updater application and used it to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. Works great - quality sound, good battery life, and comfortable for the most part. The PB3 came with 3 pairs of rubber ear inserts to allow for a customized inner ear fit. Happy with the purchase!

From what I’ve been able to tell, the only difference between the Powerbeats3 that I purchased and these Powerbeats3 Neighborhood edition is the color scheme.
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Yeah I bought the ones you did too. Ours are refurbs, the ones they’re selling today say that they’re new. Guess I might buy these as my pair to keep good and the others may now be my yard work pair.

I purchased them a couple of weeks ago figured I’d pay the extra for new rather than refurbished. I spent hours trying to sync them, (computers, tablets, phones… Android and iOS). I downloaded the beats software in an attempt to upgrade the firmware, it the software couldn’t see the headphones. By the time I returned them, they were already sold out; I really wanted them to work with a battery life like that.

I have already been gifted another brand for my birthday, but I’m still tempted to get these since they are back on the site. It’s hard to shake that initial disappointment though.

That was my experience with them.