PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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It’s says “set” which means moren than 1. Is this for 1 dumbbell or 2?

You are getting one set of two dumbells. :happy:

I own a set of these and I LOVE them! Much more compact than competitor dumbbells. Sure you can dial-in or select-tech weight on the others, but these will never gonna let you down, never gonna run around, or desert you.

i’m sure these are great… but i just can’t get past how ridiculous they look.

At first glance, I thought it was a set of Copic markers. Right price point, too.

Kind of disappointed it’s not, but my bank account is very glad at the same time.

I got these a while ago at the suggestion of my trainer. They use the “pro” model of these in the personal training suites at my gym. The ability to change weights in 2.5 increments is great. The shape can be a bit awkward for things like goblet or sumo squats. When I got them the stand was not offered but I would have gotten it if it was. I feel like this has been my smartest fitness purchase at Woot.

I’ve had a set of these for over 20 years. Best piece of equipment I own and if you do need to call, a person answers the phone and they stand behind their product.

I’ve tried a few others over the years and still prefer these. Solid and compact design, balanced handle that doesn’t chew your palm up and quick weight changes.

As for the looks, most are curious and think they are cool but really who cares, they do their job and they last.

I have owned the 90lb set and bench w/ dumbbell holder built in for 8yrs. These are a great piece of equipment for those with limited space. As far as the weird look, big deal,I actually prefer the hand grips these offer as with higher weights I feel more secure with my hand inside the weight basically.

I own the 90 lb elite version and it is the best one out there. The pins need to go in just right, but that is easy to get used to. I don’t think I would get the stand to flimsy looking.

Anyone have the 50lb or 70lb set and then add the 50-70 or 70-90 extension set, respectively? Does it make it awkwardly large?

Very tempted to jump on this but 50 lbs isn’t enough for bench press or shoulder press…

Are these expandable beyond the 50 lb maximum and if so which expansion set is to be used to do this?

looks heavy

I just called Powerblock and they’re not expandable. The Elite expansion pack is not compatible.

I own powerBlocks and they are the best. You can do a million different exercises, and they are compact and change weight quickly. Much better than the competition.

I have selectechs and really love them. If I didn’t I’d jump on these. Great way to save space and have a versatile workout that grows with you.

I believe you sacrifice the expandability for the 2.5lb adjustment increments instead of the normal 5lb.

I have the Power Block 9.0 (now U-90). I expanded them up to 90lbs per hand. These are a great design, easy to use. I also have their sport bench which is smooth to operate/adjust. Overall, I really enjoy their products. The only thing I have to say about this offered set is 50lbs per hand is not a lot, unless you’re just looking for tonal high rep exercises and not terribly interested in gaining muscle mass or large amounts of functional strength.

I briefly used one of these, but ended up giving it away for one reason: It’s clanky and loud, as the exchangeable weights shift on the handle in use.

A little weird I know, but here’s the deal: I work from home on concalls throughout each day. Over the years I’ve tried to optimize – a standing desk, tall and wobbly chairs to switch things up, etc etc. There are certain concalls that are voice only (no video), and I gave gotten in the habit of doing light hi-rep exercises for those 30min or 60min calls at my standing desk. But the weights have to be QUIET for this gig to work. I would like to have something more compact and variable like these, but they’re just not stealthy enough.

What works for me are 8-10# foam-covered single-piece hand weights, and a set of CAP weighted bars at 10-15-20# that I just lean on the side of the standing desk when not in use. Quiet, simple, doesn’t make the home office look like a bro-gym roid-cave, no one knows what I’m doing, and I get some consistent exercise. (And relative to last year, my arms/shoulders look freaking awesome… now I just need a tall chair with a foot bar so I can do shallow crunches…) YMMV but this works for me.