PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set
Price: $229.99 - 279.99
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Condition: New


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Plenty of comments/discussion from May 1, 2016

Haha. I probably commented in one of those earlier discussions. Still a great set getting a lot of use. The ability to use 2.5 pound weight increments is good especially when starting out. You can’t add weights but a max of 50 per block is a good place to start. I’m a tiny woman with tiny hands and I can handle these with ease. The shape means they won’t roll away from you and you can use them with L sits and push-ups. Only wish the stand had been sold when I got mine.

I wish I could just get the stand.

Very solid build quality (very simple weight change system, no internal mechanism that might break down the line) and they are great value.

Good price with stand included.

I can buy 2x50lbs bags of sand at home depot for $6.

Not quite as easy to lift with one hand each.

I have a slightly different model of these, and they are great. I highly recommend getting the stand.

Years ago I evaluated all of the contenders in this market: Bowflex Selectech, Power Blocks, and Iron Master. It is important to look at total cost, including shipping and accessories (the dumbell stand IMO is a necessary convenience). I went with the Ironmaster Quick-Lock system, because it is (IMO) the most durable and closest to a traditional dumbell as compared to the others. I felt the Bowflex was cheaply made, and the Power Blocks unusual design (put your hand inside a cube), was distracting. Also, I was not convinced that the Power Block pin system would hold up to being dropped on the floor after a heavy set to failure. Any of these products are good for the casual user looking to tone up. For the heavy user who wants to be able to lift to failure, and then just drop the weights without worrying about damage; there is no question that you need to go with the Ironmaster. I am a Registered Nurse from Florida, and I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned here.

Lifting to failure is no excuse for dropping weights. I do agree it seems like it would be odd to have your hand inside the weights though.

How do these compare to the Bowflex SelectTech weights on Amazon for $236? At least those look like a normal dumbbell.

I feel like having to enclose my hand inside a box would severely limit my wrist range of motion and interfere with some free-weight workouts. e.g.; tricep press, pullovers, and various forearm exercises.

I’m a little confused about what is, and what is not, included.

There are two different stands shown on Amazon - one that has a single thick vertical tube holding up the weight platform, and another that has X-shaped legs doing that. Both stands appear in different photos here on Woot. My understanding is that the less-expensive X-shaped stand is included. Is this correct?

In the first photo, Woot shows the handle, the weights, and two silver cylinders which (presumably) are added weights that are inserted into the handle. The second photo shows four such cylinders, and the photos for the stands show spots where these cylinders would be stored. Yet the product description makes no mention of the additional weights, and reviews here (and on Amazon) talk about expanding the weight capacity from 50# to 90# via the use of additional weights. Are the cylinders that are depicted in the photos actually included in this Woot, and if so how many of them… 2 or 4?


If I did not already have a set, I’d buy a set with the stand today. I paid about the same for mine used.

These are miles better than the Bowflex SelectTech - the display set I tried were broken in the store and felt cheep by comparison.

I also have a set of Hoist brand that are more like traditional barbells, and I much prefer the PowerBlock set. The PowerBlock set allows for quick weight changes (great for P90x and similar workouts), are comfortable, they don’t roll away when you put them down, and take up much less space than traditional dumbbells or weight plates and handles… I use them nearly daily.

The stand that is included is the one in the photo labeled: Optional Compact Weight Stand

We are still getting clarification on the cylinders from the vendor. I will update you as soon as we know more!

I have had the Bowflex SelectTech for about 5 years and love them. I don’t think they’re cheesy. You select the weights and out comes a real dumbbell.
They’ve never broken or failed.

I agree with the above poster that mentions a stand is highly recommended!

Thanks for the quick reply.

Digging a little deeper, and looking at review videos I think I may have my own answer.

The inserts appear to included, and there should be 4 of them, weighing 2.5 lbs each. They’re what gives you the ability to step-up in 2.5 lb increments.

The photo shows color-coded labels on the top of the handle that describe how to configure the dumbbell to get any specific weight. For each, it’s a combination of the plates you select and whether you have 0, 1, or 2 inserts shoved into the handle. Each handle needs two inserts to be able to run through the whole 2.5 - 50.0 lb range, so they are likely to be included… there should be two of them per handle (four in total), and they should weight 2.5 lbs each. :slight_smile:

I have owned these for years. I like them. The design provides more stability and wrist support than standard “bar” type weights. Essentially you’re putting your hand inside a padded box, and depending on what you’re doing the weight is also distributed securely across the wrist. The lift is very controlled, balanced, and stable, and you feel like you have a strong grip during the movement. The design is excellent and I would recommend them.

Two points about the set I have - the information about the amount of weight you’re using is only printed on one set. I don’t know why, but that’s the case. You’re probably going to memorize it over time, but remember with one set of your weights there is no visible information about the amount you’re lifting, and I found that annoying. Also, I have big hands and I could imagine someone with bigger hands finding the grip room somewhat tight.

I would advise anyone considering a purchase like this to get your hands on them in person before spending a penny. That said, these have been a good purchase for me after more than a decade.

Just in terms of comedy, I bought something much like this but we live on a 3rd floor walk-up. God bless her, but the tiny asian female delivery person was only able to move the 100+ pound package a few feet on the truck and needed our help to get it up the steps.

Great sharing. thank you.