Powerbuilt 32-Piece Combination Wrench Set

You can get a 24 piece set with a no hassle lifetime warranty from the big orange store for the same price.
Unless you really need the stubby wrenches I’d probably pass on this one.

Is EVERY damn! thing HAVE to come from China:Both the USA & Great Britain make some of THE finest tools to be found anywhere! The same goes for Germany & other European Countries. I spent most of my working life using a extensive range of tools that would allow me to work on a very wide range of Machines & Transport. My very Reputation not to mention my Earnings depended on MY TOOL’S
As with the majority of men & womdn working within ALL disciples within the Construction/Building/Oil & Petroleum Industries I NEVER stopped buying Tools and Service/Specialised Tools and Testing Equipment: like I said both my very reputation and earnings ensured I always bought only the best!!- and Definitely NOT SAID ITEMS That boasted?? “Made In China”!! ( China is a obloody long way to get s replacement Socket/ Spanner{Wrench!!} Testing or Measuring Equipment when you are stuck under a Cat Dozer or. Stuck a few hundred metres up a Tower Crane because the damn! Torque Wrench has packed up with stripped gears etc-you ALWAYS ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR and goes Double with Tools etc)

So incomplete. Not a single Whitworth wrench in the bunch.

High carbon steel? Crappy. Chrome Vanadium and I would have been tempted. Crappy tools always end up being more expensive than good tools.

i’d be in if this was a ratcheting Wrench set from Snap-on.

You can get all the cheap Chinese made tools you want from Harbor Freight for less.

Yup, and they have a lifetime warranty. Their ratcheting wrenches aren’t that expensive and I’ve had good luck with them.

To the one ranting and raving about Chinese tools… There actually are decent quality tools made in China. These just happen to not be those tools. While you may scoff at Harbor Freight for 99% of people that need tools they are more than adequate. If you make a living on your tools and don’t want to have to worry about something breaking at a critical moment, then by all means spend 10x-20x for better tools.

The home gamer and shad tree mechanic doesn’t need Fap-off tools.


(and thanks for the tip about HF’s ratcheting box-end set. Been in the market for some)

You said it yourself. Buy American-made or other quality tools, they’re still out there. But you aren’t going to find them for $49.99 on Woot.

I have both the #66054 and #66053 sets along with the #60592 and pretty much every standard socket set they sell. I also have the #68011 and one of the full 1/2" drive impact sets. I have zero complaints with any of them. I have used the standard sockets on my impact wrench many times and have yet to break one. I’m no pro but i’m not exactly nice to my tools and everything I have has held up great. Granted, the color finish has chips and scratches, but nothing is broken. I do all the work on my own vehicles and yard equipment. If I was a mechanic by trade, maybe I would invest in more expensive tools, but probably not. I can buy a full set of HF sockets for 1/10 the price of the Matco or Fap-off stuff.