Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter Kit

**Item: **Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter Kit
Price: $54.99
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Condition: New

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Powerline Ethernet Network Adapter Kit
Price: $54.99
Condition: New

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I have an older version of this and these things are fabulous, especially in areas where wireless is not really an option.

Plug one end into your router and a wall socket (not a surge protector) and the plug the other in a wall socket somewhere else in your structure and bam! connectivity

I know what you’re thinking. “There’s no friggin’ way this works.”

Well, I have one. Not this particular brand, but a similar one. And it does work. They’ll warn you that it may not work in houses with old wiring, but my house is from the 1800’s, with wiring from the mid 20th century, and it works great. Just give it a try, this is a nifty little gadget.

I got this in my last BOC. Still haven’t hooked it up but thanks woot =) will put it to use soon

I have been using a powerline kit for three months that I bought on Newegg,and they work,no problems with them.I had connecting problems before I bought these,and now,no disconnect problems at all.

Cheaper and faster at Amazon (up to 500Mbps). $53.00 - works great but must be on same circuit.