Powerline PPR200X Power Rack

Amazon Reviews

I bought this last time it was on here. I love this rack. No issues what so ever.

Woot CS: I just purchased this rack on the last offer and one of the packages was lost in transit. I’ve been going back and forth fighting to figure out how to either get the parts required or shipping it back (although I tossed all the shipping materials). I had been told there was no stock left.

I just emailed them asking to see if they can send me a new set and I return my parts via RMA in the same boxes. If I have to purchase this one and then RMA my other set, I can do that as well.

On topic: The parts I have seem very high quality - but I can’t build it yet Haha

I also bought this rack last time. Good rack. Assembly wasn’t too hard. I also got the lat attachment from Amazon. It works well too.

I’m 98% sure this is the exact same rack I have owned for 6-7 years now.

It’s a nice rack at a good price. I’m far from the strongest guy in the gym (when I used to go to a public gym, now I just stay home and work inside this thing), but I unrack and rerack upwards of 400 pounds on and off of this thing fairly regularly, and it has never given me any reason to question it’s structural integrity.

Never once dumped anything close to that down onto the sabers from up above… I’m not sure if they’d hold up or not. I’m not sure they would, but hopefully I never find out.

My only complaint is I wish I was a little bit deeper. When I prop my bench up into an incline position, and push the back of it all the way up against the back wall of the rack, I can’t really fit inside and take advantage of the sabers…

Otherwise, it’s a good rack, and has served me well for quite a while now.

Hell of a rack. Haven’t seen a rack like that since Summer of 96!

I love it when marketing people can’t write.


“…keep your exercise routine the way it should be; simple and effective.”

The Pre-Amazon Woot! CS was tons better. Just buy another one and return whatever you got. IMO the cleanest way.

Within five minutes of posting that’s exactly what I did.

Funny story - don’t try going to the manufacturer for parts. For the missing parts I needed, they wanted $460 shipped. Hah!