Powermate 12500 Watt E-Start Generator

Powermate 12500 Watt E-Start Generator

Hope any buyers of this have better luck with shipping than those who bought the last Powermate generator of this style.

Sorry, Wooties, but this is severely overpriced for a 12,500 watt generator. There are brands that are as good or better for about half the price. Don’t waste your money.

Note that the reviews this listing points to on Amazon are for 2 products (7,000 watt and 12,500 watt) so the reviews are for both products. Also, note that the 7,000 watt unit mentioned in the reviews has a Honda engine and the 12,500 watt generator listed here has a Subaru engine.


wow woot how far you have fallen. A 12.5 kw gas generator for $2500?? You can get similar specs including dual fuel for $1200

I purchased a generator two years ago. I came broken and never worked and was not fixed due to lack of warranty support. Do not buy engine on Woot. You cannot return.

Another thing about these large, portable generators. Most people will do just fine with a generator around 5K. If they need a large one then they probably need 16K or larger. A whole house generator that would be permanently installed, plumbed to natural or LP gas and connected through a automatic main transfer switch.

A generator this size (12.5K) would be overkill for your basic electrical needs for a day or two. Even powering a few items (well under it’s capacity) it uses quite a bit of gas. Whereas a smaller unit will use less gas to power the same smaller load. Also, this larger unit is much heavier and very noisy.

Also, these types of generators output a square wave or modified square wave signal. Modern electronics aren’t too happy with that sort of power. They want a nice, clean sine wave. So, most people would be better served buying an invertor. If you need more power than the smaller invertors can provide, then you can buy a second unit and an accessory device that can combine two of them together to double the power output. If you would like to just stick with a single unit then buy a larger one.

If you figure an invertor isn’t for you, then there are plenty of traditional portable generators available from many sources and range in price that goes along with their build quality. For example this 5.5K Generac from Home Depot.

All that being said, this 12.5K unit is certainly big enough for most peoples emergency power needs – I just think it’s more than most need and less than some people need.

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