Powermate 3,000-Watt Portable Generator


Powermate 3,000-Watt Portable Generator
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Don’t forget, safety first!

Just a reminder folks, hurricane season begins in just a few days on June 1. Some years ago, one of the early hurricanes was Andrea, which came blowing in on June 5 and caused millions in damage not to mention a toll of humane lives.

The birth of the first hurricane in the Atlantic will create a scramble to home centers and all pipeline stock of generators will be gone. I know because I’ve been there. If you decide to buy one after that, you will find that prices will be UP and waiting lists will be created. I hope you never need one, but consider a generator a very cheap insurance policy.

We just had a round of storms which dumped 4 inches of rain in 3 hours. There was lots of flooded basements. All I kept thinking was if the power goes out the sub pump has an hour of backup battery. Power held but I stayed up all night with worry. I’m in for one just for insurance.

Generally NOT SUITABLE for direct connection of solid-state, i.e. electronic items. Be aware if you are thinking about plugging in appliances/computers/et cetera.

Probably the last thing I would worry about during a power outage lasting up to a week or more is compatibility with computers. If you absolutely need a computer you could always charge your laptop battery from your car. By the way, during the last lengthy outage resulting from hurricane Sandy, I used my desk top computer, as well as other appliances on generator power without a single problem. The generator, during this 8 day power outage, kept me and my family warm, informed with radio and TV, allowed us all the hot water we needed and gave us all the comforts of home without interruption. Everything in the fridge and separate freezer remained cold and/or frozen. The generator was the ONLY thing which kept me and my family from insanity.

Dealnews posted this today:
VM Innovations offers the Steele Products 3,250-watt Portable Gas Generator, model no. GG300, for $210.50. Coupon code “W6GN9N” drops it to $199.99. With free shipping, that’s $10 below our mention from three weeks ago and the lowest total price we’ve seen. (It’s a current low by $108.) This 117-lb. generator features 2,500 watts continuous (3,250 watts peak) output, 6.5 horsepower engine, and eight hours of run time at 50% load.

Generators are something you really need to do your homework on. You need to look at what you want to run and find out the sustained watts , peak watts and amps of each. My first gas generator was a powermate and it still starts with one or two pulls. Lowes carries this brand and probably better to buy local just in case you have to return it. Not 100% sure but I think once you put gasoline in the tank of a generator it can not be shipped by anyone due to law ? acanarelli is right about what your priority’s would be , though I doubt he ran all he said he did with a 3,000-watt generator especially if his hot water heater was electric. As for as running electronics you would probably want to look into gasoline powered inverter generator. Ryobi makes a nice one for the price…most people would consider Honda to be the ‘‘gold standard of inverter generators’’ I will stop here…main thing is DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST

You are right! I do not own a 3,000 watt generator. Instead I own an 8,000 watt, 16HP which I converted to run on natural gas and a smaller 1,000 watt which runs on gas. Together, the 2 generators supply about 80% of the power we need. We all learned how to be careful in not turning on more than 2 power hogs at once. With that in mind, we did just fine during the 8 day extended outage. THANK THE LORD FOR GENERATORS!!

Just want to make it clear…

The Powermate 3,000 is not large enough to provide “all the comforts of home” during a power outage. However, it will make life a little better and far more “livable” during a power outage. If you want a generator to automatically step in during a power outage, you can have this…if you put out the necessary money to buy it. However, it will cost you quite a sum!

This generator is a BACK UP GENERATOR. As such, it will provide some comforts which go a long way in making life a lot more comfortable during an outage. If you have hot water baseboard heat as I have, this generator can step in and continue to give you heat. IT can also give you hot water if you have a gas fired heater. However, if you have forced hot air heat and an electric hot water heater, you will need a larger generator to do the job.

Now that is the way to go…natural gas since in ‘‘most’’ natural disasters gas lines are not interrupted . When we moved outside of town we lost the natural gas and the sewers :-(. Yes…’‘Thank the Lord for generators’’ and for keeping you alive so you can use them. Tornado season is upon us once again…hope all you Wooter’s ‘‘stay safe’’

Big storm came and knocked the power out for 7 hours. My Powermate arrived in time to run the basement pump and kept the fridge cold. I even charge my cell phone.
It’s also very quiet considering…