Powermate 3250 Watt Portable Generator

There is a review on Amazon citing a defect (plastic elbow) between the fuel line and the throttle. The elbow cracked due to vibration, and is difficult to replace since it is press fitted and not threaded. Can anyone confirm whether this unit is similarly constructed?

I can’t believe I’m biting on the trolling lure, but in case anybody is seriously curious… No you can’t, no it won’t, and no it won’t.

You can’t plug in and run while driving. There is a safety lockout that prevents the vehicle from moving while plugged in. This prevents damage to the car, the port, the connector, the charge cable, and the offboard fixed EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Even if you override the safety and drive away, the charging function is still disabled. Driving with a plug in the port will not “convert” your electric vehicle into a rolling series hybrid, or EREV. In addition it is not safe to drive with a generator running in your car. The exhaust from the generator is hazardous to your health (not to mention the noise). Lastly, even if you engineer your way around the previous issues, the energy produced by this generator is not sufficient to keep up with the energy expended while driving, so no… you could not drive for 15 hours on 5 gallons. You could definitely recharge a portion of your EV battery if you let it run for several hours while parked, though. Could be a big help when travelling far from any wall plugs.

OOh, found the manual.


Using the amazon code in 4 2 $142 each including tax shipped

No you cannot. Carbon monoxide and heat are a couple reasons why.

Form Amazon Domestic Shipping This item is available for shipping in the U.S. except for California and to select countries outside the U.S. That would make me think it is NOT C.A.R.B. compliatn

As posted above $142 with discounts, plus 5 percent back using Amazon card. Pretty good deal in my book.

ABSOLUTELY!!! Do not roll down the windows because the airflow around the generator will significant reduce the generating power.

Agreed. I’m in for one. I’m in a relatively good area for power outages, but I’ve been meaning to pick one up…

Can I run my A/C or my well pump (submersible) with this? I know not both but it’s hurricane season in Florida, not having one makes life miserable, not having either makes me want to get continuously drunk.

As do most water wells, which is important in hurricane country when blowing through drinking water in hot and humid cleanup conditions. Also, some electric welders run on 240V.

A common use for a larger generator like this is a garage shop where you only need high draw electrical power occasionally, or keeping the generator on a trailer to drive it out to work on something using electric tools.

Nah. I replaced my in ground with an above ground 120v harbor freight pump for less than $100. 3 years ago. Runs off 110v instead of 220. I have a replacement sitting brand new in the box just incase. i’m in florida as well.

I would not try my whole house A/C on this, but it could manage a couple of window units, if you put one on each of the 110V plugs to balance the load and check the total draw.

However, a similar output generator handles my submersible well pump just fine. Just make sure you get all the parts to back-wire it into the well before a tropical storm hits, and be sure to turn off the main breaker so that wiring into the well does not back-feed power into the grid.

Depending on the draw of various items, you may have to juggle what you have running at once to not exceed the continuous load rating.

$145.29 out the door, free shipping, for a 3200 watt genny???

You bet your keister I’m getting on that.

The Amazon reviews are good to know what to expect, but if I can get 25 hours of 3200 watts out of a $145 generator, that’s worth it. I would guess the lifespan is much longer for most of these.

EDIT: Wow! I think I got the last one. Sold out now. Sure hope my cart didn’t glitch. I really want this thing!

Thanks for the info! Could still be useful at that price…

Not as big as i want for backup, but can’t beat this price as a good starter generator! Got one ordered

Mute point now since it is ‘‘sold out’’ but I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘‘larger generator’’…nor would i call it a ‘‘small’’ one…hummm , maybe something in between would better describe this.

My order has shipped already

mine also and will be here tomorrow!!!

You guys got lucky. My order appeared to go through only to have them refund it today. After contacting them apparently there had been a mistake with the inventory…