Powermax Powerpak Battery Packs

I bought two of the 2800 Powerpacks (1 Black 1 Gold) last time on Woot and they are great. Picking up a couple of the 5600 (1 each) & letting the kids have the 2800s. Have been great to have at the little league ballparks & while traveling. Great product…

I like this one a lot, soft touch material, compact, I used to charge my ipad air one time, I’m surprised it charged up more than 70%! great one, I will recommend it.

meh, several 10,000mah options on mothership for the same price

I just bought a 10,000 mAh one and I feel it’s too big to carry around in your pockets. If you have a bag or purse, then that works. With that being said, they are comparable models on Amazon that are almost half the price.

Really? I bought from Amazon.com before, one time I got 12000mAh Powerpack, forget what brand it is, but only charge my ipad less than 40%, that is only half of what they claim on capacity. it was very disappointing.