Powermax Powerpak Battery Packs

2800 mAh version is 30 on the mothership:

5600 mAh version is 35:

So even with shipping, you save $7 on either version.

I used 5600mAh for charging my iPhone, charged at least 3 times no problem, I also used to charge my ipad, no problem, the description says “using Samsung” lithium core", believe it. Highly recommend!

These must feel wonderful to hold. They are all crazy overpriced, even more so after adding the $5 Woot shipping. Like 50-200% overpriced vs well reviewed battery packs of similar sizes.

And the model with Lightning cable makes no claims of Apple MFi certification, so figure $2-3 at most for that cable.

I’ve actually had a lot of bad experiences with products of similar power but cheaper pricing. If these are as good as the commenter above you says, I’m willing to shell out the < $30 now instead of having to buy a new cheaper replacement every three or so charges.

@Nitetigrezz, note the emphasis above. These Woot batteries are way overpriced vs good and reliable alternative batteries.

If you had poor experience with un-reviewed or poorly reviewed batteries, that is unfortunate. And if your batteries only lasted 3 charges hopefully you returned them under warranty.

We’ve had excellent experience with the “well reviewed” and “cheaper” batteries.