Powermax Powerpak Battery Packs

What is with Woot charging more for these than AMAZON? If you have prime you can get them for less money… $26.55.

Woot: $22.99 + $5 Shipping = $27.99


Its a two pack though…

Edit: On reading, I realize I’m silly!

I bought two of these 5600 last time I saw these on Woot. I had bought a couple other brand products before & they did not hold up. These are great & really do the job well. Never travel without mine. Picking up two more today for my kids. Very durable & I like the size & feel of them.

I would suggest then, that our 2-pack would be the better deal. :tongue:

Or fill up your cart with other stuff and the $5 doesn’t matter so much.

If you can, try not to keep the 2800 mAh powerpack in a pocket when charging your phone. I had mine in a jacket pocket while charging an iPhone 5S and it got almost too hot to touch. This was immedately after charging another phone without issue. Perhaps the lesson learned is don’t approach the lower end of the battery. I haven’t done enough testing to find out.

Did anyone recieve yours today? I did and there was only one in the package. Yes I did open a trouble ticket

Good job!

I’ll check to see if they’re shipping separately.

I got an email from Woot but it tells me to check with Fed Ex. The package was delivered, undamaged so I don’t think there is a problem on Fed Ex’s end and I only recieved one tracking number so I assume both were to be delivered at once.

We’ve confirmed that they’re shipping separately by accident. You should be getting the second one shortly.