PowerNow 10,000 mAh Power Banks

MacMall has the black version for $26.99


I bought one of these in July, it’s…meh. The dumb flashlight thing never worked (whatever). On a full charge, this thing will charge an iPad from 0% to about 70% before it dies. I charged a Galaxy S4, an iPhone 5S, and an HTC One on a full charge as well. This unit was had 2% when I was done.

IMO, It’s just okay.

I own the blue one and it’s terrific. It was charged by half when it arrived and has a easy-to-read percentage indicator. Light works fine; it’s actually two lights and there is even a setting to have it flash. It came with connectors, but I used some spare micro USB cords and it still worked.

Anyone take the batteries out and use it a vapor mod?

Bought 3 of these a while back. The lights quit working on 2 of them. All 3 quit being usable even as batteries within about 2 weeks. They show 100% charge and register as charging my phone, but no actual charge is transferred and soon the charging indicator on my phone turns off.

Just bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. It came in WITH OUT the adapter head to charge the darn thing! It came with 2 exact connector heads for old version phones not compatible with smart phones or my tablet or kindle. I had to use my personal phone charger to charge it. Everything so far is working fine.