PowerNow Wide Angle Lens 1080p Dash Cam

Does this company have a website? Can’t find any info. Mothership wants 79.99 Prime for this but has zero revews and this has been around for 2 years.

It’s in the link for the warranty.

Specs don’t give important facts such as how many minutes it records before starting to overwrite the file, and how many minutes it goes before needing to be recharged.

I didn’t see it there. Found it on QVC where it mentions an accelerometer and a 1 star review. Amzn shows $80 from Quality Designs and no reviews or added info.

The manual says the 8GB card holds about 1 hour of HD video. It looks like it can also take up to a 32GB microSD card.
Good point about battery size. It looks like it has a motion detector that can power it up. No info on that either.
A 3 page user manual is on the HSN site.

Don’t buy this, it doesn’t work. And if it works, it doesn’t work well

Channel your Inner Russian!