PowerOrbz 4-Pack

Get the multi-color ones. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Is it true u can just get the multi and set it to stay on one color? ??

Yes. Absolutely.

You turn it on, it will slowly rotate through the colors. When you see a color you want it to stay on, just press the power button again. It will stay right there. To turn it off, press the power button once more.

It won’t stay on the same color between turning it off and on, but you can “stop” it on one color.

It always starts at a bright pink to purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red to warm white to cool white and back to pink. Those are the colors that stick out in my mind. I like bright green for walking my dog and then the warm white and cool white for ambiance and seeing things. (if I remember the order correctly - and there are hundreds of colors between as it changes…it doesn’t flash to those colors but transitions to them; if that makes sense.)

I see in the features that it has a “continuous and a flashing light”. It is all continuous for the multi-color. I’m guessing that the solid colors have the flashing feature for the second time you press the button. I never bought the solid color ones.

The whole thing itself might seem fragile as it is hard plastic. I’ve dropped mine several times on concrete sidewalk in the last 3-4 months and only recently did the plastic clip break. Everything still works, and I glued a small loop of string around the base. It only broke because too much pressure was put on the ring as it was hooked to the handle of my dog’s leash, and on of our walks I grabbed the bulb instead of the leash.

Thanks! I was wanting white, but other options as well. I’m not worried too much about the plastic breaking as I’m just lookin for something to help illuminate some freestanding signage from the inside for nighttime steel music performances…seems like I can work it in there.

What’s the size…basically a normal light bulb n a clip?

Yes, basic light bulb.

Per the vendor: "Here’s the packaging size below. As far as the item itself, it’s pretty much a standard light bulb size with a small added clip.

3"X 3"X 4 9/16" "

I bought some in the last run. The multi-colored, per recommendations. They’re nice.

However, the “weak link” for these is the plastic half-circle between the body of the bulb and the carabiner.

Any sort of trauma (including dropping the backpack which it is attached to) will break the plastic, leaving you with something which is pleasant to throb on a desktop, but can’t be hung anymore.

Just got mine. Two arrived broken–one missing the spring inside to provide battery tension, another has a broken hanging loop. They seem brittle and not in the least bit sturdy. I’ll be returning them.

Dang - I guess I should check the ones I ordered weeks/months ago.

RE: the hanging loop breaking - even if they didn’t have the loop I think they are worth it. I think the others I do have I’ll just create a loop from 550 cord. Much more durable and I won’t have to worry about loosing it if the plastic breaks.