PowerPlay 18-in-1 Multi Tool by SOG

Looks interesting, now if only this tool could fix this woot-off

I hope this has a tool for crushed hearts and souls, because woot killed mine.

If so in for 1

Only 2.5 stars on amazon…


I would be in for 1 one that option.

Too many tools. Wouldn’t know what to do with them all. I’m sure I could get creative though.

These are fun to hide in your friends’ carryon luggage before they leave for the airport. Good times.

Well, maybe they will only have a handful…

so I can get one of these of a different brand for $7 just about everywhere, or I could pay more than its worth on woot.com

$25 at buy
$26 at meijer

If you’ve ever seen the movie “127 Hours”, there’s no chance in hell you’d buy something like this.

Come on!!!

Mcgyver Endorsed!


That’s why you go to the dollar tree and get a really cheap chinese one.

I saw 127 hours.

This baby could come in real handy some day.

I bought a SOG off woot once… I tried to tighten a loose philips screw with it the day i got it, since i had it with me. The philips driver snapped clean off after a quarter turn, and yet i could still turn the screw with my fingers…

Another item I have recently purchased similar to at home depot for this cost. Harbor freight has multitools for ten bucks on special all the time, and much nicer ones than this for twenty. Unless this is some sort of luxury brand (and truly… how is that possible) its a bad woot

I’ve seen this same thing three times within the past thirty days. I’m sure it’d come in handy some point down the road, but I don’t see myself using this enough to warrant buying it from here when there are better deals to be had.

the other sog knives i own (the seal pup being one of my all time favorites) are quality. i prefer gerber multis, but this is a good deal for the price.