PowerPlay 24-in-1 Multi Tool by SOG

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PowerPlay 24-in-1 Multi Tool by SOG
$32.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Home Depot will be out of business soon.

These are over $85 in knife stores and catalogs. Great buy for a great tool!

Anyone want to complain anymore about not enough products being offered in a woot-off?

surprise another tool!

These woot-off items and coming and going too fast to keep up…what a tool!

My internet is not fast enough to keep up with this woot-off.

All we have seen are Multi-Tools WOOT!

This looks like a murder weapon for the creative soul.

heh-he, you said “tool” heh-heh…

criminy… I just want a couple of blades, a corkscrew and maybe a pair of scissors.

Good price; I bought one but don’t need all the specialized pieces and rarely use it. Good pliers, knife is so-so.

Have this tool. I love it!!!

Not bad for network cable installer, lol

One word… Leatherman. If you are going to buy a multitool, there is only one to buy.

Ok What is the difference between a Leatherman and one of these???

i have always wanted to know the diff

For anyone who’s just watched “127 Hours”, you need a graphic violence warning before showing that pic.