PowerPlay PT-510 18n1 Multi Tool by SOG

LOL Woot responds to the people whining about the hard drive that was up for an eternity by dooming them to a second eternity…lmfao

Loved this post!

Is it common to have the same old stuff on a woot-off that’s been on the site for the past month? Yawn.

sad-face :frowning:

Each woot-off seems to be getting worse. Too bad the were bought out. Maybe this is the beginning of the end?

Farm hands?

Got something of value to Woot about today? You’d be the first. Somebody, anybody, give us a quality Woot. We’re dying here.


Aah the infamous multi tool… can we get another external hard drive? Or what about a Surround Sound System just lying around?

Now there’s an idea…:slight_smile:

When are the kindle’s coming up?

Looks like the cheap stocking stuffer tool the guy in 127 Hours had to use to cut off his arm.

Buy.com sells this for $24.99 with free shipping, so it’s the exact same price. Not quite a hot deal.

Will this work with my Mac?

Oh, wait, I don’t have one.

Oh well :slight_smile:

BOC please come soon!

Nervously hides leatherman on belt

Great for Father’s day or for that graduate.

I do. A lot of presents bought for our 8-year old require a lot of help to de-package. And my mini-Leatherman needs replacing. Its been defeated by a Boggle package.

This thing any good?

These seem to go fast when listed but I can’t think of a single use I would have for it. I’m an adult. I have a tool box.

can’t wait for the next flashlight

Hold on… is this a wireless mouse too? sigh…