PowerStroke Subaru 21" Self Propelled Mower

Wanted to read more about this mower and found it at Home Depot. The one there is brand new and $20 cheaper. Plus it comes with a 3 year warranty as a new unit. So, buyer beware might be appropriate on this very rare occasion.

I’m seeing this:




Hey, it’s a Subaru!
Does it have All-Wheel Drive?
It has to have LOVE - that’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru!

Oh no. Could this Subaru really be a Screwbaru?


Thank you! I am in the market for a lawn mower…Lower the price $100 for this reconditioned one and I would get it, but this is robbery at $300!

Do people in the Republic of Boulder, CO own Subaru Mowers?

Home Depot advertised- “not available”, not sold online… listed for $279 thru 5/1 … perplexing to know whether it will be in stores?

Is this a boo boo?
Could this be made by Subaru.
With this you could mow,
but it will not blow snow.
Into the bag, grass will spew.

and the yearning cows will mooo.

many dogs this gadget will shoo.

Subaru announced last year that they are exiting the small engine business. There may be hope yet though…

So originally these sold at BigBoxOrange for $299 brand new with a 3 year warranty.

Now they are selling here for $299 Refurbished, with a 1yr/90day warranty.

Am I missing something?

Yes. They’re defending these actions by saying that although these WERE selling for $299, they’re not anymore.

So now woot! has stock of these items that no one else appears to, so that makes it so that they can inflate the price accordingly, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

So true, since Amazon was taken the reins the Woot business model has truly changed…



Yeah, bend over!

Agree…Seems like they are a third party liquidator for Amazon!

Man how I miss the old days.