PowerUp 4-in-1 iPhone/iPod Charger

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PowerUp 4-in-1 iPhone/iPod Charger [New] - $6.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Empire Brands MP3-8370 Powerup Mobile 4-in-1 Charger with 3 Adapter Tips

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I own one of these and I am pleased.

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Let’s say a “friend” of mine broke their original 2nd gen shuffle usb connector. Will this allow my “friend” to sync stuff with itunes as well?

How much of a charge would you get in the dire emergency 9 volt battery option?

Um, are there protections built-in to protect my $400 dollar phone from being fried?
Is this something I should worry about.

$7 multifunction device to convert 120 volts and 12 volts? Is is possible to make something quality with that kind of money?

EDIT: These are normally $40 dollars AND the main woot page is selling earbuds from the same company. So these may just be overstock or clearance items. $7 may not be reflective of the actual price.

EDIT: The car adapter has a fuse so your car hopefully won’t fry your iPhone.

hmm… hadnt thought of it that way… thanks for the logic… im fresh out… pass on this one…

Does anyone know if this would charge my Eee Netbook via the USB connection?

NO it would not.

Note you can buy additional tips for your phone here.

Nope. Just charge.

Thanks for telling me. I thought it probably would be able to charge a netbook through the USB connector.

Ok, looking for a definitive answer:

Why can’t this sync up an iPod with the computer?

Would this work as a car to USB power adapter?

I’m going to take a stab at this and suggest that there is such a thing as a one-way USB cable that will only charge devices.

I have a similar item that will charge through a home power outlet, a car outlet or just with the cable to USB, but it also does not sync.

I haven’t verified my one-way USB theory, btw, but I suspect I’m correct.

IT IS A CAR TO USB POWER ADAPTER. That’s the definition of the product.

This won’t allow you to sync because the iPod and USB connectors don’t speak to each other. They both speak to the CHARGER, i.e. the main device, because that is its purpose - to charge your mp3 player/ipod/iphone(s) via the connection type of your choice - but it’s not a straight ipod-to-usb cable like you use to sync with your computer.

Did I explain that in a way that makes sense?

It would be sort of like asking if you had a printer that had two USB ports so it can hook up to two different computers, if you could transfer data from one computer to the other through the printer. Which obviously you can not. The printer’s purpose is to print, much like the charger’s purpose is to charge, and neither has ‘intermediary’ functionality.

My question - can this charge multiple devices at the same time? For example, could I charge my iphone and my ipod simultaneously while driving and using the car & that connector as my power source?