PowerUp 4-in-1 iPhone/iPod Charger

Daylight come and we bomb your home…

I like your stats.

Will this charge the new iPhone 4?

Woah, a Woot Off! Why are they always when I actually have stuff to do the next day? I have a week off and it starts the night before I have to go back to work.

Warning - the small part of the I-Pod/I-Phone adapter that plugs into the thin cable is not meant to separate, even though it rotates slightly… That’s why mine works and my daughter’s doesn’t. Other than that - this thing will charge anything with a mini USB. Seems like the company will sell you extra adapters cheaply if you tell them the make/model of what you’d like to charge.

Did you ever STOP and think about the Iphone/Ipod to third party charger ratio, it must be staggering

Will this work with my Mac?

In for 1! \o/