PowerUp 4-in-1 iPhone/iPod Charger

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PowerUp 4-in-1 iPhone/iPod Charger [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Empire Brands MP3-8370 iPhone/iPod Charger

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lol wtf @ this woot off… LET ME GO TO BED

lame but a great price

dang it … i actually wanted this

I think there cicrling around to stuff they already sold, so we should be finishing up… I hope.

This is a fucking garage sale now.

Zipping right along.

What is this now, the Lightening Round???

not iPhone 4 compatible ? but why ? makes no sense. Must be an older write up. If it worked with the 3gs it should with the 4.

Will this work with my blackberry?

all day long woot was a drag- lot of time between items- now it’s like a time warp- zoom, zoom, zoom- onto next planet

9 volt batteries are too expensive per unit of energy. It should use 2 AA batteries ans have a switching power supply internally.

On eBay I got USB power on 2 AA’s for less than $5 incl shipping.

I got three last time these were up, it’s charging my iphone 4 right now. One at work and one for the wife and her 3g

i have this guy and it will charge my iphone4 you can’t do anything else. This was not the case with my iphone3. It would pop up a screen claiming that it was incompatible, but you still had full functionality.