PowerUp Squared Home & Travel Charging Bundle

PowerUp Squared Home & Travel Charging Bundle


Who came up with the idea that people would want one of each style? I’d buy the power strip version if I could get it by itself. But I’m not going to pay twice the price to get one thing I want -AND- one thing I have no use for…


Agree completely. I just need the power strip version as well.

I bought 2 of them by themselves in March, for $18 each. So they do have them solo occasionally, but this is a great deal for the set.

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“This mini multiplug power cube occupies only a single outlet on your wall panel without getting in the way of other plugs”, yet the last two pics clearly show this interfering with at least the grounding pin of the adjacent wall socket, and so close to the two slotted holes that any 2-prong plug would need to have zero insulation along that edge to fit. So, no. The description and the pics clearly do not match, and I believe what I see.
And only 3A total between the USB ports, so i cannot plug in a pair of 2.1A devices and get needed current?
Hard pass with these two glaring issues, especially at this price. As others have mentioned, MAYBE at half this price for just the corded device…


I wonder if the cube was plugged into the top outlet instead of the bottom if it wouldn’t block the other outlet. That being said, I also prefer the corded version only and share the concern about the USB power.

They put “travel” in the title and even make a joke about it in the description, but note that they only accept 125V.

Aduro Squared Power Strip- 3 Outlet & 3 USB Ports - $17.99 - Free shipping for Prime members Aduro Squared Power Strip- 3 Outlet & 3 USB Ports

Here’s the link to the power strip