PowRyte Air Tools

Anyone have any experience with these? Obviously low-end, but for a weekend warrior like myself would they get the job done?

just how long a sander is it 12 inch 24 inch it just doest say whats up with that

i found it some were else 15 inch

Can’t be any worse than harbor freight tools… which usually last quite a while, then throw them away and buy another. You can just buy two of each of these LOL.

FYI for those that don’t use air tools much… do yourself a favor, don’t buy PVC hoses, get rubber. MUCH easier to handle. PVC tends to be very stiff and just makes you swear at it as it coils up all over vs rubber which just lays flat where you tossed it.

I think of all these tools, the two I used the absolute most are the 1/2 impact (with 3/8" adapter when needed) and air ratchet and the various air tips to blow things out with.

Then just make sure you buy a decent compressor, skip the cheap pancake compressors and search around for a good used larger capicity type and you will be good to go :wink:

I am a weekend warrior.

Do any of the tools come with accessories?

Does the air hammer come with chisels?

  1. Probably not (we will note in the specs tab what will come in the box)
  2. It does not, sorry!

I know this reply is waaaaaaaaay after you posted above, but just wanted to say thanks because even today I found your insight and info to be helpful.