Prankin': The Sport Of Kings

$5.19 & free shipping on ebay.

My son has quite the collection of shocking items: diary, pen, stapler, etc.

Funny thing was that his high school teachers (this was 5+years ago) would play along and let him put the items on their desk for students to grab.

shop around people. everything I checked on amazon was cheaper.

The company that sells this product sells it for $2 cheaper than this woot. Thats not nice of you woot to offer me a “deal” that costs more than it would from someone else.

some of this is cheaper than $2 less on amazon.


What I’d really like is a USB charger shaped like a nose instead of a faucet.

I received an entire case of shocking playing cards from you folks a few years ago… shocking I tell you

Horsehead masks are on Amazon for $11.20 with Prime shipping available. Get your shit together Woot! Good deals are getting harder and harder to find these days.

Many of the ones out there that are cheaper are also lower grade quality. Be sure to look at the reviews. I have it on good authority that we are selling good quality horse heads.

There’s a line I never pictured myself typing.