Praxis Alexander Valley Merlot (6)

Praxis Alexander Valley Merlot 6-Pack
Sold by: Arbios (Praxis Cellars)
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2013 Praxis Merlot, Alexander Valley Sonoma County

Is this Klingon blood wine?

I hear the tasting notes mention explosive flavors.

I have had other wines shipped to MD why not this one? I am not happy!


So sorry, that is dependent upon the winery. We do not have the retail direct shipper license for MD. Any chance you can receive in DC or VA?

now you are sold out…thanks

This offer is not sold out.

How does this one compare to the '07 offered here in '11?

I find our Praxis Merlot to be very consistent between vintages. We have been using the same Alexander Valley for over a decade and Bill (my husband) makes all of our wines.

Why do you split your production between two labels?
Arbios for cabs and Praxis for everything else.

We grow the grapes for Arbios Cabernet and we only grow Cabernet Sauvignon. The Praxis wines are each 100% of their varietal and each sourced under long term contracts from sustainably farmed vineyards. We are very small so this allows us to get the grapes we like for our wines without farming a number of vineyards in different climates. And I quote Bill " One vineyard in your life is enough for anyone." Enough stress, etc. for me anyway!