Praxis Alexander Valley Merlot (6)

Hi - I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried this recently or if you have any questions. Thanks…

I’ve not had the merlot, but so far I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve gotten from Praxis. I’d order this but thanks to the Texas heat I’m pretty much past my shipping window for the summer.

We are delighted you have enjoyed your wines from us. Please feel free to reach out to me through our web site in the fall;

What can you tell me about the barrel aging of this wine? I see that it spent 20 months in American oak. Was there any new oak in that? Does the wine have any noticeable oak on the nose? My wife loves well-oaked wines, and this looks like it might be a possibility.

The wine is aged in American oak barrels from Wisconsin to add a scent of vanilla and spice to the Merlot. The barrels are one third new every year to balance the perception of oak on the wine and to allow the fruit to shine as well.

Okay… I’d prefer oak to vanilla, but it sounds like it’s worth taking a chance. In for one.

Thanks for the response.