Praxis Cellars Lagrein (6)

Praxis Cellars Lagrein 6-Pack
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2012 Praxis Lagrein, Central Coast

Can you compare this to the '07 that was sold here back in April of '11?
CT suggests four consecutive vintages, '05 ~ '08, then nothing until this '12.
Can you provide additional insights re: the skipped years?

Annnd, goodnight. CT truly says it all. I remember praxis being one of my first wine woots. And I specifically remember I did not like any of the 4 varieties… at all. Not sure what of the 2 went down the sink. If it’s your thing, good for you. Just throwing that out there.

I think this is our 4th vintage of Lagrein, but we don’t make it every year. The wine is 100% Lagrein with grapes from the same vineyard each time and Bill is always the winemaker so there is a lot of similarity over the years. I get flavors of blue fruits in the 2012 and some pomegranate too.

Very sorry to hear it.

Last wooter: rpm. Interesting.
Nice to see a more rare variety up here, although I don’t think I had the earlier vintages either.

My algebraic mind says only about 11 sold thus far, and with no positives and one negative, this is a pass for me. Should have sent to some grape debaters.

There should be some folks who have had this vintage out there. We’d love to hear from them.

You, or any other SoCal, want some?
The rpm sighting has me rethinking this as well.

unusual varietal in a good year, reasonable stats, worth a shot… I’m looking forward to trying it.

I didn’t realize the Klingons were making wine on their moon.

For fun varieties you know I’m always good for a bottle or two.

We could do an '07/'12 combo, and see where these might go in a few more years.

Please let me know how it goes if you do! Last bottle of an older vintage Lagrein I had was a 2009 and I loved it!

My 3/12/2014 notes on the 2007:
Dark, inky purple color. End of cork saturated and coated with sediment. Nose of cherry, cedar and a little funk. Plum, sour cherry, blueberry and a slight vegetal note on the palate.
Juicy mouthfeel with coarse tannins on the medium finish. Used a filtered pour spout due to sediment in bottle. I wouldn’t seek this out but if it was in front of me, I might buy it again.

I had a 2011 Paso Robles Lagrein by Jacuzzi that I enjoyed very much. If you went in for a set, I’ll take 1.