Praxis Cellars Merlot & Pinot Noir (6)

Praxis Cellars Merlot and Pinot Noir 6-Pack
Sold by: Arbios (Praxis Cellars)
$79.99 $171.00 53% off List Price
2013 Praxis Merlot, Alexander Valley
2013 Praxis Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

Labrat reporting for duty!
Surprise and pleasure to receive both wines earlier this week.
Had the Merlot on Wednesday and the Pinot Noir on Thursday.
Generally they are solid and well made if a little on the simple side.

Medium bodied, tight nose, nondescript red fruit with some spice and alcohol.
On the palate I get darker fruit, some light oak and light tannins, short finish.
It also seems kind of flabby (not enough acid) for me.

Pinot Noir
Light bodied, bright candied cherry fruit on the nose with a hint of smoke.
Flavor is light, cranberry and good acidity.
I liked the pinot noir better, it had more acid and flavors.

Overall decent wines, just not very interesting but definitely great for everyday.
I guess they are also kind of young still so they might need more time like a woot cellars. Price wise I would also put them in line with a woot cellars, pedroncelli, etc. I wouldn’t pay more than $12-15.

Wine from the famous moon of the Klingon homeworld? At this price, this is a steal!

We are pretty much Star Trek nerds in our house and have a bunch of equally nerdy Trekkie friends. We have been talking about hosting a Star Trek party for some time. I agree that Praxis would be a great wine to serve as an homage to the famous (infamous?) moon of the Klingon home world. Wonder if they if timed this offer to coincide with the September 24th premiere of the new series. Probably not, unless WD is a hard core Trekkie.

Star Wars > Star Trek


Happy Force Friday. Glad to answer any questions about the wines.

Lab Rat here!

I received the Merlot on Wednesday and had it with dinner on Thursday. Not much complexity to this merlot; nose and palate both seemed very one-note and you mainly just notice the oak, alcohol, and a slight bit of spice and stone fruit. Finish is on the dry side. Aeration doesn’t change it noticeably.

I’ve always felt Praxis/Arbios is one of the more underrated wineries on woot. Great vineyard sources, great people to work with too.

thanks for your partnership Susan!

Same folks we had the case verticals from some while back?

I’ve been enjoying those, and just found some '07 Lagrein and Merlot from a mixed WW offer from long ago I need to dig into.

Thanks so much - back at you! Enjoy your folks & glad they enjoy our Arbios Cab & Praxis wines.

Considering the northern california heat wave, what’s the shipping plan? Are we waiting it out for a week or 2, or are we going to ship refrigerated? It’s 105 for me today in Castro Valley, ugh, and supposed to be 109 in Sonoma, yikes.

we won’t touch this wine until Wednesday of next week. should be fine.

I just received my 2 Wine-W00T’s on Wednesday in SoCal, where it was a crisp 110.I have to tell you I was worried, but I guess I didn’t need to be. As always the wine arrived in great shape!!
Thanks for the Two Horns Red Blend & Dennen Vacationer California Rosé.